Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Just got accepted for my first Influenster Voxbox! I'm super excited...it's a box specifically for mothers. I have three little ones and can definitely use everything included! Here's what's in the box:
Looking forward to unboxing.....stay tuned!

If you would like to get started on Influenster Click here. They send you a Voxbox which is a whole box filled with brand name products in exchange for your honest opinion on the products and for you to share it with the world. I love getting freebies and it's really not time consuming.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Shell Fuel Rewards Network card SAVE ON GAS

Shell Fuel Rewards Network *SAVE ON GAS*
I don't care who you are ..... No one likes buying gas. Saving a penny on gas by going across the street to a different gas station may not save you very much but using the shell fuel rewards card can! 

Join the free @FuelRewards program, Members save on average 25¢/gal on fuel. GET STARTED NOW by clicking. Sign up on the fuel network website and your card will be mailed to you in 7-10 days. 

How it works:

~~~~~~~~~~~There is so many ways to earn but here's how in a nutshell!~~~~~~~~~~~
SHELL FUEL REWARDS: Use the FRN Card to earn in the Shell™ Fuel Rewards program with your purchases at Shell convenience stores.
DINING: The FRN Card is not necessary to earn rewards when you dine out, so you don't need to show it. When you enroll in the dining program and register the credit and/or debit cards that you'd normally use when you dine out, your rewards will automatically be credited to your FRN Account.
eCOUPONS: The FRN Card is not necessary to earn rewards with eCoupons. To earn rewards with eCoupons, link your eCoupon card (grocer rewards card or drug store rewards card) to your FRN Account, and scan it at checkout before you pay.

You can redeem your rewards with your FRN Card or your grocer's rewards card.
Insert your FRN Card or your participating grocer's rewards card before            you pay at the pump and watch your price drop.
Buy prepaid or airtime cards and save:
Save 5¢/gal with every $50 you spend on gift & airtime cards at Shell when you use your FRN™ Card!
Buy gift cards from the kiosk inside participating Shell stations. Be sure to swipe your registered Fuel Rewards Network™ (FRN) card when checking out. Fuel Rewards® savings will be added to your FRN™ Account automatically and will combine with your other available Fuel Rewards savings.
Use gift cards just like cash. Sure, give some to friends/family, but take advantage of the Fuel Rewards savings you’ll earn by
 using gift cards at places you shop regularly.
Save on fuel! It's the reason you belong to the FRN program!

Grocers and loyalty program:
                                   You can also link your grocery store loyalty cards and earn even more
rewards!! Here is the participating grocers:

BI-LOCountry MartHomelandHy-Veekmart shop your wayLucky'sSave Mart SupermarketsS-MartWinn-Dixie

                           On the fuel network website it shows the cheapest people paid for gas using their                 card on the previous day and there is a long list of people that only paid .01 cent a gallon. That is awesome!!! Well if you want to start saving today CLICK HERE.

 I'm just a mom trying to save money!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free one night Redbox movie and game rental

In the mood for a good laugh or how about a tearjerker? Here's a few redbox codes to get you a one night movie rental. Comment below if these codes have worked for you or if you have some more working codes. Enjoy!

1. Send text message: EMAIL to 727272 on your cell phone. Then reply with your email address. Once you confirm your email you’ll get the code, which is good for 2 weeks.
2. Rent one get one free code RGH2T3T5  EXPIRES: 6/1/14

3. FREE Rental When You Like Redbox's Facebook Page No code required EXPIRES: 12/31/2014
Click here for redbox Facebook

4. FREE one day rental MCPC213S EXPIRES 5/28/14

5. FREE one day rental K67R4VX EXPIRES 5/28/14

6. FREE one day rental DVDNIGHT EXPIRES 5/28/14

7. FREE one day rental DVDONME EXPIRES 5/28/14

8. FREE one day rental DVDKROG EXPIRES 5/28/14 (only at Kroger Kiosk)

9. FREE one day rental DRIVEIN EXPIRES 5/28/14 (only at Sonic drive in Kiosk)
10. .50 off one day rental RESERVE4ME EXPIRES 5/22/14 (online only)

11. FREE one day rental 9MXW2LPC EXPIRES 5/28/14

12. FREE one day rental BREAKROOM EXPIRES 5/28/14

13. FREE one day GAME rental GAMETIME EXPIRES 5/28/14

How to enter codes:


Tip: You can only use the same code more than once if you use a different credit card at the redbox machine.  I am not suggesting that this is ethical because it's kinda not.....but use this info with good intentions :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three strangers amazing jam session

I absolutely love how the power of music can bring strangers together. The music just flows through your body and can't be resisted! With over 5 million views in only a couple days, these guys may get a chance at going big. When I first watched this video it only had 7,000 views. Description from Jaime Tatos Maldonado's video on Facebook; 'I was walking to kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming. This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin days. For anyone who may be wondering who the guitarist is......Jesse Rya Facebook. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

I do not own the video, all rights to Mr Maldonado and the musicians

Monday, May 19, 2014

New blogger and SMILEY360 for dummies

Hi there I'm new to blogging but thought I would start so I can share all the free samples and products I test with the world! Everything I do is free in exchange for your opinion on big name products and full size samples! If you would like to get started send your email address to My email and I will send you an influenster invite or click here if you want to get started with smiley360 http://smiley360.com/?refid=321050. I will have another blog for influenster soon!

                                                             Smiley360 for Dummies:

People tell me they signed up and either don't understand how everything works or complain they never get missions. After signing up go ahead and complete your profile. It's a couple surveys and demographic info. Complete the smiley360 starter mission so you can really understand how it works. Plus you need 5 completed missions to get to level 3 so the starter mission is a freebie! Once you get to level 3and 4 you will be getting the best missions and more often. Here is the ranking and levels they use:

Every member of Smiley360 has a level. Here's a breakdown of each level:
Level 1 - You've just signed up. Welcome!
Level 2 - You've completed your first Smiley360 mission. Every new member has a Welcome mission waiting for them when they join.
Level 3 - You've completed 5 missions and earned 300 Smiles. A mission is complete when you've earned all the available Smiles for the mission.
Level 4 -You've completed 20 missions and earned 1000 Smiles.
Level 5 - You've been hand-picked by us to be an elite member.

Missions are different every time, but usually go something like this:
  1. Members receive an offer via email to take a survey. This survey helps identify the most suitable members for a particular mission.
  2. If you qualify for a mission, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to your mission page, which is where you start your sharing.
  3. You receive your Smiley kit in the mail, containing the free product sample, a Smiley360 sharing guide and sometimes coupons, extra information and additional products to help you complete your mission.
  4. You try the product and start forming opinions.
  5. You use the Smiley360 sharing tools to tell the brand and your friends how you feel about the product.
Sharing tools:

This is the most important feature of the Smiley360 website, because it's how they know that you’ve shared on a mission. Use these tools to earn your 50 smiles so your mission is completed. You don't want uncompleted missions because you will not move on to the next level. It's important to move up in the ranks because you will get more awesome missions!
*post to Facebook twice (5 smiles each)
*post to Twitter twice (5 smiles each)
*write a review on Smiley360 Connect (10 smiles)
*share a ClickThru link around the web (10 smiles)
*share offline with the Face2Face tool (10 smiles)
Now most people think you need a blog in order to complete a mission. That is not true. To share a clickthru link you just need to copy and then paste the link anywhere you can. Tweet it, post in a 
comment, private message, anywhere you can. It only needs to be clicked 10 times by ANYONE to get 10 smiles. Also, it's impossible to move to the next level without sharing on Facebook and twitter.   You can always make a second account if you don't want your personal Facebook/twitter overloaded. 

Seventh generation samples (got 2 of these) Natural Laundry Detergent and 
also received one dish washing liquid sample!

                                Centrum Flavor Burst Chewable vitamins....got a whole box of these!!

This was my favorite mission so far!! A full size 60oz OxiClean laundry detergent. (Retail price $8) It would be to expensive to ship the actual product so they sent coupons!

                             Full size 4oz children's multi-symptom cold mucinex (retail price $8)

                            Orajel single dose cold sore treatment 2 packs of 2. (Retail price $12 each)

Emergen-c packets....they sent a few different kinds (retail price $5)

And this I got from Kotex. I saw it on freeflys website. Kotex is always giving away samples....just sign up at https://www.ubykotex.com/get-a-sample