Friday, May 23, 2014

Shell Fuel Rewards Network card SAVE ON GAS

Shell Fuel Rewards Network *SAVE ON GAS*
I don't care who you are ..... No one likes buying gas. Saving a penny on gas by going across the street to a different gas station may not save you very much but using the shell fuel rewards card can! 

Join the free @FuelRewards program, Members save on average 25¢/gal on fuel. GET STARTED NOW by clicking. Sign up on the fuel network website and your card will be mailed to you in 7-10 days. 

How it works:

~~~~~~~~~~~There is so many ways to earn but here's how in a nutshell!~~~~~~~~~~~
SHELL FUEL REWARDS: Use the FRN Card to earn in the Shell™ Fuel Rewards program with your purchases at Shell convenience stores.
DINING: The FRN Card is not necessary to earn rewards when you dine out, so you don't need to show it. When you enroll in the dining program and register the credit and/or debit cards that you'd normally use when you dine out, your rewards will automatically be credited to your FRN Account.
eCOUPONS: The FRN Card is not necessary to earn rewards with eCoupons. To earn rewards with eCoupons, link your eCoupon card (grocer rewards card or drug store rewards card) to your FRN Account, and scan it at checkout before you pay.

You can redeem your rewards with your FRN Card or your grocer's rewards card.
Insert your FRN Card or your participating grocer's rewards card before            you pay at the pump and watch your price drop.
Buy prepaid or airtime cards and save:
Save 5¢/gal with every $50 you spend on gift & airtime cards at Shell when you use your FRN™ Card!
Buy gift cards from the kiosk inside participating Shell stations. Be sure to swipe your registered Fuel Rewards Network™ (FRN) card when checking out. Fuel Rewards® savings will be added to your FRN™ Account automatically and will combine with your other available Fuel Rewards savings.
Use gift cards just like cash. Sure, give some to friends/family, but take advantage of the Fuel Rewards savings you’ll earn by
 using gift cards at places you shop regularly.
Save on fuel! It's the reason you belong to the FRN program!

Grocers and loyalty program:
                                   You can also link your grocery store loyalty cards and earn even more
rewards!! Here is the participating grocers:

BI-LOCountry MartHomelandHy-Veekmart shop your wayLucky'sSave Mart SupermarketsS-MartWinn-Dixie

                           On the fuel network website it shows the cheapest people paid for gas using their                 card on the previous day and there is a long list of people that only paid .01 cent a gallon. That is awesome!!! Well if you want to start saving today CLICK HERE.

 I'm just a mom trying to save money!!

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